KIQI serves the Bay Area's fast-growing Latino community

KIQI serves the Bay Area's fast-growing Latino community reaching almost 1.5 million in the Bay area, according to the most recent U.S. census figures).  Check out our Coverage & Learn more about the Hispanic Market...

Radio provides you with opportunities nothing else can. It’s the most cost-effective medium available. Plus, it enables you to target your audience far more precisely than print media. It lets you reach out to your customers, one-onone, in their cars, and workplaces. And it offers unmatched production flexibility and economy. When it comes to getting your message out, radio offers a number of advantages, particularly if you are targeting the Hispanic audiences.

Here is outline, 9 Keys why Radio is your best choice of advertising:

1 Expand your Market Reach and brand recognition

2 Target Their Best Prospects with a reliable broadcast audience

3 Generate Sufficient Message Frequency and develop reputation

4 Reach Mobile Consumers that support the community

5 Motivate People to Shop and Buy in confidence

6 Establish a Relationship with Customers

7 Break Through Competitive Clutter

8 Make a Lasting Impression

9 Maximize Their Media Investment

For more information on how KIQI can assist you in your marketing strategy and success call (415) 978-5378.

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